I’ve been thinking a lot over the past couple of weeks. I love sewing. I don’t mind alterations. Custom sewing is ok. I hate not having time to do my own sewing anymore. I’m taking a step back. One year in business has taught me some things. If people don’t want to pay me what… Continue Reading

Difficult year


I’ve been pretty ill this year and still seeking diagnoses. I’ve had an IV in my hand too many times for my comfort this year. I know I have autoimmune issues but no answer so far to the newest problems.               I have gotten a couple of things finished… Continue Reading

Sewing catch up

Been a busy summer! I've been very sick and had to cancel the first vacation my hubs and I would ever take together, even no honeymoon. I've been in a thyroid flare which set off a lupus flare. I've also been unable to eat for part of the summer. Good news? I could still do… Continue Reading

Half Moon Modern and Pezzy quilt

Knitting tip: Do not knit after eye dilation when you are keeping your eyes closed. This is what you get. A giant mess of dropped stitches. I will be tearing this out and starting over again. Maybe I’ll go ahead and knit in the round for this. It will be some handwarmers for my little… Continue Reading

Stressful times

Today is a difficult day. We are attending our uncle’s funeral, who passed suddenly in the night with an aneurysm. Also, my father leaves for testing at Mayo Clinic today as he has been very ill this year and his doctors have no answer. Due to the high stress this week, I am having a… Continue Reading

almost caught up


It’s been so hectic lately! Tuesday I almost had a meltdown.  It was a day of major catastophes.  First, my teenagers were well, being teenagers.  We can leave it at that. Then, we had a torrential downpour.  I was sitting on the couch waiting for a dr. appointment and heard “drip, drip…..drip,” and wondered what… Continue Reading

Quilting want

Holy crap! I just found the Accuquilt Go. Now,I’ve only made 2 quilts but my mom and aunt quilt all the time. I have quilts my grandma made, both of them. It’s in my blood. I just can’t seem to cut many pieces because this UCTD/MCTD thing makes my hands unreliable at cutting. This is… Continue Reading

No Upgrade Necessary, Thanks

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist on Friday and thought it would be routine.  Obviously, I haven’t had any of these problems long enough to know what is routine and what isn’t.  HA on me.  There is no routine. All the things that I thought were minor or piddly or maybe I shouldn’t mention,… Continue Reading