New baby, Old memories

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a new quilt for Aubs. I knew I wanted to make her one, IMG_1416 not pink, to keep. My first inspiration came when I was going through old tee shirts of her mom’s for the rag drawer. The A  would make the perfect applique on her quilt. Ok, so, I know her quilt will have green.  I poked around Hawthorne Threads and Fat Quarter Shop looking for just the right fabric

photo I fell in love with Sarah Jane’s Wee Wander line.  Firefly hunting, deer, twilight, all the magical elements of childhood. I ordered a fat quarter bundle of the blue/green and started looking for a quilt.







I was totally inspired by Film in the Fridge’s hexi quilt. Since I do not have the patience for cutting that many hexis, nor the hand grip, I found Accuquilt dies on Sewforless for a really reasonable price and ordered a hexi, a rectangle and an LED for my machine.


So glad I did!  It saved me oodles of time and I didn’t have to worry about ruining my fabric trying to cut a hexi.








Don’t worry, my sewing area isn’t really that dark, I was doing this while Aubs was napping so that LED light came in handy. My Brother doesn’t have super duper lighting capacity like my dream Janome.






I just did straight/wonky line quilting on my sandwich. I ordered a Onmigrip ruler to trim my sandwich with. WOW! I suck at cutting straight lines IMG_1421without gridded rulers and this thing is the queen bee. I had a small one but couldn’t imagine a quilt with a tiny ruler. This made it a breeze to line up and trim.







Here’s the front. That’s probably a dog under our blanket!






Aaaaaand the back. The background for the front and back is difficult to see. It’s cream with lt. blue polka dot on it.  The bottom back of the quilt has a solid blue fabric that came from my baby blanket that my grandma made. I cut part of it off to add it too this. She passed away and I want to keep her quilting tradition with us.That fabric is a wee old, so I sewed the A and a couple of hexis over some small holes.




For the binding I decided I wanted to bring out the pink in the piece and used a hot pink voile.



I hated the flat binding look so quilted it too. I love it.




My first embroidery. It would help if I didn’t have the handwriting of a serial killer.    So, there we go.  It’s my third quilt ever. My first non patchwork. I can only get better, right?             IMG_1431

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