Gee’s Bend quilters


I am so excited! Some of the Gee's Bend quilters are coming to my town Oct. 13-20 and will conduct a workshop and give a presentation at the local schools. The workshop is $125 and I'd love to attend, but with three high schoolers and Homecoming that month, it seems unlikely. I will definitely go… Continue Reading

Gluten Free Coconut Chocolate Hazelnut cookies

I decided to bake tonight to keep myself from eating sugary, gluteny snacks. I came up with this recipe and am loving these. Even my stepdaughter approves. High praise indeed from a 14 year old. It’s not a fancy recipe but it works. 2 c. Gluten free flour Mix (I used white rice, brown rice,… Continue Reading

Treasure Trove


I work with some truly talented and wonderful women. The fact that one of them just got done running Beat the Bridge and brought me back freshly roasted Zoka coffee is just a bonus. She even loaned me her copy of 50 Shades of Gray. Guess I know what I’m doing Sunday. Friday, we get… Continue Reading

Sewing Book wishlist

  I am a major book fiend.  I have a bookcase full of books, a children’s bookcase and a Kindle with a ton of books.  When I first started sewing again in January, I got my sewing machine and Colette’s Sewing Handbook all in the same week.  I picked up The Practical Guide to Patchwork… Continue Reading

Gluten free cupcakes-the easy way

So, sometimes with MCTD, I get home, I’m tired, I want to sew, blah, blah blah. Insert your version of busy here. I wanted something sweet last night. Not often do I crave sweets. Lots of gluten free goods require a gazillion flours (hello $$$) or preprocessed stuff usually tasted like some version of cardboard…. Continue Reading

Great Coworkers

Only great coworkers give you double chocolatey tea stuff and notebooks. Notebooks are like my crack. I can hardly even decide what to write in them. This one will be dedicated to sewing and knitting sketches though. How perfect. Now to run across campus and get a new Micron. Like this:Like Loading…

Backyard retreats

I need a place that I can use to sew and read, drink some wine, chill. With an unemployed husband (the company he worked for went under) and 4 teenagers, I could use a respite.  This cottage shed from HGTV’s Rate My Space is pretty cute.  I like the cedar shake shingles, color and french… Continue Reading