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Washi dress

I made my first Washi dress recently and I love it. Pull on, pockets, comfy. I made it in a twill which means I had to use heavy elastic on the back. I like the neck but it's a little low for the busty at work so next time will be be plain scoop. Def. need more of these for spring.


Washi dress

I made my first Washi dress recently and I love it. Pull on, pockets, comfy. I made it in a twill which means I had to use heavy elastic on the back. I like the neck but it's a little low for the busty at work so next time will be be plain scoop. Def. need more of these for spring.


Mad Men challenge


So, I have terrible photos for my challenge. Good news, I love this dress! I took a a Renfrew tee and made it 13 inches longer ( dang I’m short) to make a dress. Added a ruffle! It’s cotton interlock, good weight. I’d like a ponte in it. I wanted to try a knit and adapted the Renfrew because on days my MCTD or fibro acts up I still want to look nice but feel comfortable.


Sewing list for first half 2014

I've started a list of all the items I want to sew in the first half of 2014. Some are WIP. Here's the list!

  1. Floral voile Hawthorne shirt. I love my dress and have the shirt cut and need to finish.
  2. Dress for the Dolly Clackett challenge. I already have this picked out and ready to sew,
  3. Mad Men challenge dress. I have my inspiration, just need to get my fabric.
  4. Red ponte pencil skirt with foldover waist. I need to draft a pattern for this.
  5. Reversible Lucy shirt for Aubree. I have some puppy fabric for one side and hot pink voile for the other.
  6. Denim Thurlow trousers.
  7. Wool jersey Renfrew.
  8. A blue Valerie Wells voile Cambie.
  9. Navy silk voile blouse, unsure of pattern.
  10. Red floral crepe vintage inspired button up with kimono sleeves.
  11. Michael Miller challenge quilt
  12. Wedding quilt
  13. Scrappy quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts
  14. A new tote bag
  15. Bind mug rugs

That's it so far. I think I can knock out most of it! I didn't dare make my whole year plan. Eek.


Best sewing investment this winter

That would easily be the Onion 1032 pattern. 1032_1 I bought it on Pattern Review for $8.50 with shipping and bought some anti-pill grey fleece on sale before Thanksgiving at $1.99 a yard. Total cost for this jacket? Less than $14. Worn at least 2x a week since December 1. Super cozy and warm.

I like the pointed hood on it. Since I’m so short it makes me feel extra elfish. I’d really like to make this up in a wool and make a quilted lining for a coat. I never button my coats anyway so a tie would be fine with me. I’d just need to size up the shoulder and arms as they are slim fitted.

Getting a pic at the end of the day of my hood.
Photo on 2-12-14 at 1.56 PM #2

New baby, Old memories

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a new quilt for Aubs. I knew I wanted to make her one, IMG_1416 not pink, to keep. My first inspiration came when I was going through old tee shirts of her mom’s for the rag drawer. The A  would make the perfect applique on her quilt. Ok, so, I know her quilt will have green.  I poked around Hawthorne Threads and Fat Quarter Shop looking for just the right fabric

photo I fell in love with Sarah Jane’s Wee Wander line.  Firefly hunting, deer, twilight, all the magical elements of childhood. I ordered a fat quarter bundle of the blue/green and started looking for a quilt.







I was totally inspired by Film in the Fridge’s hexi quilt. Since I do not have the patience for cutting that many hexis, nor the hand grip, I found Accuquilt dies on Sewforless for a really reasonable price and ordered a hexi, a rectangle and an LED for my machine.


So glad I did!  It saved me oodles of time and I didn’t have to worry about ruining my fabric trying to cut a hexi.








Don’t worry, my sewing area isn’t really that dark, I was doing this while Aubs was napping so that LED light came in handy. My Brother doesn’t have super duper lighting capacity like my dream Janome.






I just did straight/wonky line quilting on my sandwich. I ordered a Onmigrip ruler to trim my sandwich with. WOW! I suck at cutting straight lines IMG_1421without gridded rulers and this thing is the queen bee. I had a small one but couldn’t imagine a quilt with a tiny ruler. This made it a breeze to line up and trim.







Here’s the front. That’s probably a dog under our blanket!






Aaaaaand the back. The background for the front and back is difficult to see. It’s cream with lt. blue polka dot on it.  The bottom back of the quilt has a solid blue fabric that came from my baby blanket that my grandma made. I cut part of it off to add it too this. She passed away and I want to keep her quilting tradition with us.That fabric is a wee old, so I sewed the A and a couple of hexis over some small holes.




For the binding I decided I wanted to bring out the pink in the piece and used a hot pink voile.



I hated the flat binding look so quilted it too. I love it.




My first embroidery. It would help if I didn’t have the handwriting of a serial killer.    So, there we go.  It’s my third quilt ever. My first non patchwork. I can only get better, right?             IMG_1431

Finished Hawthorn

IMG_1514Yay!  It’s done.  I finished my Colette Hawthorn. Life sure did keep me busy.  Baby showers, my grandma had a stroke, I’ve been in a flare. Luckily all I had to do was finish the buttons and hem it.  So, last night during Dexter and The Newsroom, I finished my dress.  It’s a very lightweight voile that I got on sale for $2.49 so the fabric total was less than a tenner. I have a vintage slip under it because I didn’t want to line it and lose the airiness of the fabric. It is perfect for warm days.

I cut a 16 shoulder and bust, graded out to 18 waist and hip. I should have cut it a straight 16 as the waist is a little too big. It’s pretty blousy. I actually have a smaller waist and I think I didn’t do myself any favors by making this too large. I still love it but am going to take it in a smidge.

I was super careful with the border print and layout.  I reversed it for the top and bottom so the center of dress is white and cut the collar from the darkest part at bottom of border for more contrast.  I just wanted to make sure no straggling vines ended up on my boobs. Edna Moda approves this dress.

IMG_0178 IMG_0179 IMG_0193

Voile, brocade, jersey, wool, gauze. I need to get my sewing plan mapped out a little better so I can get some of this used up. My list so far? A Cambie, Thurlows, Negroni, some panties, an apron for Joe to use at work to clean books. Library nerd reference right there. A couple of tee shirts, a blazer and whatever else pops into my head. I really try to keep a tiny stash so it isn’t overwhelming and I can use what I have.  You wanna know what IS overwhelming?  All the scraps from  this.  Luckily I’ve started cutting for a baby quilt and a queen quilt.

I hope I have enough energy to sew tonight.  This heat wave is beating it out of me.  I love the heat, my joints feel so much better, but 110 isn’t doing me any favors. On my days off I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a day. It’s like I’m an adolescent again. FAbric Stash

Sorry Etsy, I got this

We’re having my daughter’s baby shower in a couple of weeks and I was looking at banners for the party.  Hmmmm. $30 for a paper banner?  Now I value time and production. I do. But, a Cricket or whatever is more than likely being used to do task, which is more profit for the artist. However, all the DIY queens know, we can’t shell out cash for something we can do. So, I made my template, cut out the pennants, blew up letters, cut them out and used them to cut fabric letters and appliqued them to the pennants. Pinked pennant edges, used yarn and an upholstery needle and voila. A party banner that can hang in the baby room after. It will go well with the aqua and purple she has in her room.  Aubree Banner

Colette Hawthorn

I may not be posting much but I’ve been sewing up a storm.  I need to get some pictures going!  I started working this weekend on Hawthorn. LOVE this dress.  I was hoping to finish it up this weekend but got busy. I also got my Sewaholic patterns in the mail last week. So.Much.Sewing. To.Do. GAH. Can I quit my job and just sew all time?  I mean, I also have the Sew Liberated book and Amy Butler Little Stitches because my lil mama is going to need all the baby things and I I want to sew them. How is this even possible?  I had trouble keeping up with my sewing wishlist let alone sewing for a baby girl. I have to rescue that poor girl from all the frigging pink out there!  HOW WILL THERE BE ENOUGH TIME? Ok, so tonight’s plan? Finish Hawthorn. Start on Thurlow shorts muslin. Make a quick baby thing. Oh, god, see, no sleep again for me….Hawthorn